15 Reasons Why Chris Osgood and Tim Thomas Should Be Friends…

1. Both Have Hearts of Gold.

2. Both Have Michigan Roots. Ozzie has played most of his career in Detroit. Timmy is from Flint.

3. Both Are Goalies and Goalies Have an Unspoken Connection.

4. Both are smaller goalies in a large goalie NHL. Timmy is 5’11”. Ozzie is 5’10”.

5.Both Are Into Bromances.

6.Both of Them Have Been Hugely Underrated in Their Very Respectable Careers.

7.Both Have Been in a Fight.

8.Both of Them Hate The Pittsburgh Penguins (Fine. I don’t know if this is true but Ozzie should after Matt Cooke purposely kicked him with his skate and also after Crosby snubbed Nick Lidstrom in the 2009 handshake line. Timmy should just because of the conference rivalry, as well as Cooke’s hit on Savvy.)

9.Both of Them Have Been Photoshopped a Million Times.

10.Both of Them Have Incredible Smiles.

11. Both of Them Have Played in All Star Games.

12.Both of Them Have Food Named After Them.

13.Both Love Their Teams.

14.Both Like to Dress Casual.

15.Both Are Very Down To Earth People and Two of My All Time Favorite Goalies!

Let’s Make it Happen…

On June 15th, 2011 Tim Thomas won his first Stanley Cup. This is reason enough to modify this post and add a 16th reason that these two would be best buddies.

16. Both are Stanley Cup Champions






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