Quickly Put: Why I love the Bruins and Red Wings…

The main reason I love both of these teams is the tradition. I love the original 6. There is just something between two original 6 teams when they play. The players know it and the fans do too. It almost has the feel of a playoff game. Why these two teams though?

First, I was born in Michigan so being a wings fan is basically in my blood. The history of the Wings is what makes me love them even more.  Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Steve Yzerman, etc, etc, etc.

No one in my family is really a Bruins fan so that isn’t part of my reasoning. Simply put: I’ve always just liked Boston sports teams. They have such an amazing history, just like Detroit. This past year my love has grown even more for them. A lot of it is just the players. Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and the rest of them. And Timmy Thomas being from Michigan doesn’t hurt either!

The main similarity to me, besides the original 6, is the players. I truly think that the Red Wings and Bruins have the best off and on ice personalities. I hear more stories about these two teams being so great with charities, fans, etc, than any other teams. Same thing with on ice. I see more determination and drive come out of these teams than a lot in the NHL.

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