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Thanks for the Memories Chris Osgood

Ozzie, as he has been lovingly referred to by fans the past 20 years, has been my favorite player for as long as I can remember. As I write this, I am trying to hold back the tears that have already been flowing for a day, while I try to do him some form of justice. Nothing I ever write would be enough though. I love and respect Ozzie so much mainly because throughout his career, he has faced so many obstacles and critics around the league. One of the biggest being his height- he is only 5’10”. The height of the goalies has transformed drastically since Ozzie came into the league. But, he worked with goalie coach Jim Bedard to change his playing style. He has more heart and love for the game than any other goalie, and possibly player, I have ever seen. Whether it be his pregame interview bombing with Ken Daniels, or his off ice charity work, he is the ideal definition of what a Red Wing player is all about. Character, Courage, Determination, Ethics, Loyalty, Perseverance, and Team.

Basic Bio:

Ozzie was born November 26th, 1972 in Peace River, Alberta. He was obsessed with hockey. His favorite pro team was the Edmonton Oilers. He was drafted 54th overall by the Red Wings in the 1991 NHL draft.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

1993-1994: This was Ozzie’s first season with the Red Wings. During the playoffs, he was made the starting goaltender due to Bob Essensa’s performance in the regular season. In game 7 of the quarterfinals against the San Jose Sharks, Ozzie went to clear the puck and ended up giving it away. The heavily favored Wings were eliminated from the playoffs due to it.

1995-1996: On March 6th, 1996 Ozzie became one of only nine goaltenders to score a goal. He led the NHL with 39 wins and a 2.17 goals against average. He received his first Vezina trophy nomination.

1996-1997: Ozzie helped bring the Stanley Cup back to Hockeytown after a long awaited 42 years.

1997-1998: This is one of my favorite seasons for Ozzie. Besides having an epic goalie fight, he led the wings to back to back Stanley Cup championships.

2001-2002: In the summer of 2001, Ken Holland received a phone call from Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Reiger. The Wings ended up acquiring Dominik Hasek. Holland had to call Ozzie, who he considers a son, and tell him. Ozzie was picked up on waivers by the New York Islanders. Ozzie had this to say…“Things happen in sports. I’m not leaving on a sour note because too many positive things have happened to me in Detroit… Who knows? Maybe one day, when I’m a free agent, I can come back.”

2002-2003: March 11th, 2003 Ozzie was traded from New York to St. Louis.

2005-2006: On August 8th, Ozzie did the unthinkable and signed a two year contract with the Wings.

He was injury plagued for a lot of the season.

2007-2008: Ozzie battled for the starting position with Dominik Hasek for the majority of the season. Hasek ultimately won the position and was set to start the playoffs. After poor performance in game 4 of the quarter finals, Hasek was pulled and Ozzie was sent in. Ozzie then led the Wings to a Stanley Cup Championship. During the offseason, Ozzie and Captain Norris took the Cup on Jay Leno’s tonight show. I will never think of the song “sexy back” in the same way ever again.

2008-2010: Ozzie was plagued with injuries once again and struggled during the regular and post seasons.

2010-2011: December 27th, Ozzie won his 400th career game against the Colorado Avalanche. While Adam Foote was the only player left on the Av’s from the 90’s rivalry, I see it so fitting that Ozzie won this milestone against the team that was basically enemy number one of the Red Wings franchise throughout his career. January 4th, Ozzie would play and win his last game against his favorite team growing up, the Edmonton Oilers. His father was in attendance.

On Tuesday June 19th, rumors started surfacing that Ozzie would be holding a conference call to announce that he would be returning for one more year. USA Today, NHL.com, the Detroit Free Press and Yahoo sports all had reports to this effect. About ten hours later, there were completely new reports stating the exact opposite. At noon, Ozzie had officially announced his retirement and stated that he would be working to mentor the young goalies in the Red Wings organization.

Now the Hall of Fame debate truly gets underway. While every other site out there feels the need to compare him to other players and say why it is or isn’t that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, I’m just going to state the obvious. He deserves to be in there among the greats. He has over 400 wins, which is tenth in all of NHL history. That alone should be enough. On top of that, add three Stanley Cups, with him being the starter for two of them. He is sixth all time in winning percentage with .539% and two of the goalies ahead of him are still active. So, there is a very good chance that he will even move up on the list. Ozzie’s amazing stats go on and on. As far as him playing among greats, didn’t most successful goalies? (Patrick Roy, cough, cough.)

You more than likely already have your own opinion on the subject and I’m sure I cannot change that. (Especially if your name is Ryan Lambert.) But, consider the statistics and it’s obvious where he belongs.

2011-2012: Ozzie will continue what he’s been doing for the past twenty years or so, just not playing. He will continue helping mentor Howie and any other goalie that needs or asks. He will continue being a leader on and off ice. He will continue his shenanigans with Draper right by his side. He will continue to make us laugh by probably interview bombing every once in a while during pregame warm-ups. He will continue to make us so happy that we are fortunate enough to be Red Wings fans.

Have a great retirement Ozzie and you will truly be missed.


Ally and the rest of the Hockeytown Family

P.S. Drapes, don’t leave. I couldn’t stand writing two of these in the same year.

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Top Ten Mullets of All-time in the NHL

I decided to do a little poll to see who everyone thought had the best mullet of all time in the history of the national hockey league (actually, since the 1970’s I guess.) I received over 600 votes, so thank you to everyone!

Now of course not everyone made the “cut”, so let’s see who’s mullets just weren’t good enough…

Honorable Mentions:

Billy Ray Cyrus and Uncle Jesse

I don’t care. If you are doing any type of poll that involves the word mullet, these men deserve their rightful place in the countdown. Plus, Billy received two write in votes and Uncle Jesse (from Full House I’m assuming), received one.

Petr Klima (10 votes)

Roberto Luongo (28 votes)

Chris Simon (30 votes)

Simon’s mullet is definitely in my personal top five, but unfortunately the voters didn’t feel the same.

Ryan Smyth (31 votes)

Wayne Gretzky (32 votes)

Sorry all mighty great one. You can’t be in the top ten of everything I guess.

And the top ten are:

10. George Parros (35 votes)

If Parros didn’t have the mustache to compliment the mullet, I doubt he would be in the top ten.

9. Guy Lafleur (36 votes)

“The Flower” helped pave the way for many things in the NHL… Including the mullet.

8. Brian Engblom (39 votes)

I cannot begin to explain Engblom’s mullet. There are so many things going on there…

7. Al Iafrate (42 votes)

Iafrate took the mullet to a new level. We now know this type of hairstyle as the skullet.

6. Marty McSorley (44 votes)

In the 90’s, McSorley’s mullet ruled the west coast. Those luscious golden locks could not be topped over there.

5. Patrick Kane (49 votes)

There are two things that are certain in the NHL playoffs. There will be a Stanley Cup champion and Patrick Kane will sport the same style of mullet that my brother had back in 1990 when he was in kindergarten.

4. Adam McQuaid (54 votes)

If anyone can really pull a mullet off in the 21st century, it’s definitely Adam McQuaid. His mullet is such a talking point around the league, that it has its own HF Board thread. (I also love that McQuaid received the same amount of votes as his number for the Bruins!)

3. Barry Melrose (55 votes)

Barry Melrose has had a mullet pretty much his whole life. Even at the age of 54, he is still sporting the hair-do that went out of style more than 15 years ago.

2. Jaromir Jagr (56 votes)

Well, this is a given. For basically his whole NHL career, Jagr has donned one of the ugliest mullets in the history of mankind. We can only hope that it makes its comeback right along side Jagr for this upcoming season.

And the number one mullet of all-time in the NHL is………………………..

Bob Probert with 64 votes!!!!!!!!!!!

Face it. He made that mullet look good. R.I.P. Probie.

(Please remember that this was voted on by fans.)

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82 Days of Hockey

The season, playoffs, awards and draft are over. So until hockey starts, you may be asking yourself, what should I do to occupy my time now because NHL Network is just replaying the same thing over and over? If you are as obsessed with hockey as I am, you’re probably starting to get a little antsy and it’s only been two days since the draft. So, I have compiled a day by day “hockey activity board” if you will, for any hockey fan, of any team for the next 82 days . Just do one a day and I promise, you will survive. (All of these are free unless you decide to purchase something. You should have all of the things needed to do these things around the house and they will take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.)

Monday, June 27th Day 1

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

Now, unless you live in or around Toronto, this is probably not very realistic. So, take a virtual tour.

Tuesday, June 28th Day 2

Using hockey terms and players only, have some fun with mad libs.

1 2 3 If you want them posted, send me the finished link. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Wednesday, June 29th Day 3

Write a piece on one of your favorite players. If you have a tumblr or blog put it up there. If not, send it to me and I will be happy to put it on here. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Thursday, June 30th Day 4

Play some hockey games online. There are a ton of them to chose from.

Friday, July 1st Day 5

FREE AGENCY! Watch NHL Network/CBC/TSN/whatever because they will be talking about it a lot today.

Saturday, July 2nd Day 6

Play the Pierre McGuire drinking game. (If you aren’t old enough to drink, play with Kool-aid. You’ll still get a buzz.) I’m sure you have a DVR or DVD of a game from the past. If not, borrow one or go to NHL Video on YouTube, search your favorite team (or Pierre McGuire), and play that way.

Sunday July 3rd Day 7

Learn about your teams prospects and draft picks. Go to your teams official site, click on your affiliate team(s) or prospects and read up.

Monday July 4th Day 8

Happy Fourth of July! If you have no plans, then watch the movie Miracle and “relive the magic” of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team. Or, party like Buffalo, NY native Patrick Kane! (Hahaha. Kaner’s gonna Kane.)

Tuesday July 5th Day 9

One year ago today, the greatest enforcer ever to play the game of hockey passed away. To remember Bob Probert, either read some of his book Tough Guy (you can borrow it from the library) or watch some classic Probie clips.

R.I.P. Probie. Also, send a “shout out” to Darren McCarty on twitter or facebook and Tie Domi on twitter or facebook as they remember their friend today.

Wednesday July 6th Day 10

Review the Southeast Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Washington Tampa Bay Atlanta/Winnipeg Carolina Florida

Thursday July 7th Day 11

Using hockey terms and players only, have some fun with mad libs.

1 2 3 If you want them posted, send me the finished link. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Friday July 8th Day 12

Go on a virtual tour of a hockey training center to get an idea of where the players train.

Saturday July 9th Day 13

Make your own hockey quiz with the facts that you know. Go here and then you can send them to me and I will post them or you can post them on your own pages! (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Sunday July 10th Day 14

Learn a little history about hockey.

Monday July 11th Day 15

Review the Central Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Detroit Chicago Nashville St. Louis Columbus

Tuesday July 12th Day 16

Start a facebook fan page for your favorite NHL player. If you send me the links, I will put them up here. (Email redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Wednesday July 13th Day 17

Learn about your team’s arena.

Thursday July 14th Day 18

Just read this, then this, then this (the answers are what I like), and then finally this. You now should have your laughs and hockey fill for the day.

Friday July 15th Day 19

Read Bobby Orr’s Bio.

Saturday July 16th Day 20

Do a simpler version of a hockey player’s workout. All you need is a jumprope, step or even tape! And it only takes 15 minutes. Too lazy for that? Then eat most hockey player’s favorite meal… Chicken and pasta.

Sunday July 17th Day 21

Using construction board/cardboard paper, make your own hockey cards. Make them about you or your favorite players.

Monday July 18th Day 22

Go for a walk in your neighborhood or local park. BUT, instead of saying hi to everyone you meet, tell them a random hockey fact. (I do it all the time. It actually is fun and you catch people off guard.)

Tuesday July 19th Day 23

Write your own hockey song. Warren Zevon’s Hit Somebody and Good Ol’ Hockey Game are hockey staples, but create your own. Write it about your favorite player, team, or just in general. You can even do a remix to a song already made. (And if you want me to send me the lyrics or video if you made one, I’ll put them up. Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com)

Wednesday July 20th Day 24

This is a four part segment. Re-watching the HBO 24-7 series. Episode 1. Only watch one episode a day though, otherwise you won’t have anything hockey to do the day after. (These videos are in about 15 minute segments and the links will pop up to lead you to the next part after.)

Thursday July 21st Day 25

Episode 2 of HBO’s 24-7 Series

Friday July 22nd Day 26

Episode 3 of HBO’s 24-7 Series

Saturday July 23rd Day 27

Episode 4 of HBO’s 24-7 Series

Sunday July 24th Day 28

Read Bobby Hull’s Biography.

Monday July 25th Day 29

Have some fun generating new hockey team names with fantasy name generator.

Tuesday July 26th Day 30

Do something in honor of one of your favorite players or teams, such as charity work. The charity will usually give you a certificate or something that says “Your name here worked/donated whatever in honor of ‘Pavel Datsyuk.'” Then mail that to their arena and C/O it to the chosen player(s).

Wednesday July 27th Day 31

Learn about another NHL team’s arena.

Thursday July 28th Day 32

Make your own hockey related crossword puzzle.

Friday July 29th Day 33

Watch three history will be made parodies.

Saturday July 30th Day 34

Go to some garage sales. I have found hockey books, DVDs, memorabilia and even a signed Nicklas Lidstrom rookie card. I’m not saying that everyone you go to you will find hockey stuff, but it will be good for you to get out of the house and get some fresh air anyways!

Sunday July 31st Day 35

Using hockey terms and players only, have some fun with mad libs.

1 2 3 If you want them posted, send me the finished link. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Monday August 1st Day 36

Read Mario Lemieux’s Bio.

Tuesday August 2nd Day 37

Make a top ten countdown of “You know you’re a true hockey fan when…” Submit them to me if you wish, and I will post them. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com) (Example: You punish your kids with minors, majors, and misconducts.)

Wednesday August 3rd Day 38

Make your own game for your team/announcers/etc. (See Day 6 for guidance.) Pick a background (or chose one hockey themed) and make it accordingly. If you want, email them to me (redwingsandov8@yahoo.com) and I will post them.

Thursday August 4th Day 39

Have fun with Akinator, the Web Genius and see if he can guess what hockey players you are talking about. This is actually really fun.

Friday August 5th Day 40

Give your game from Day 38 a trial run through with either you tube clips or a former game that you have DVR-ed or have on DVD.

Saturday August 6th Day 41

Congratulations! You’re halfway there! You should be proud of yourself. Celebrate by making a Stanley Cup Cake. If it just so happens that you don’t need a cake to serve a thousand, try one of these. (Send me pictures and I will post them. Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Sunday August 7th Day 42

Today is Sidney Crosby’s birthday. To those of you that like Crosby and Penguins, you can watch this today. To those of us who do not, we can watch this today. (This is me being nice by the way… At least I’m acknowledging him.)

Monday August 8th Day 43

Support your team today by wearing your favorite jersey, shersey or any clothing item that represents them.

Tuesday August 9th Day 44

Call or Email Gary Bettman with your opinion on him. If you think he’s doing a good job, let him know. If not, let him know also. His last known email was gbettman@nhl.com and his phone number is (212) 789-2000 ext. 2101

Wednesday August 10th Day 45

Read some Brett Hull Quotes. Love him or hate you, you have to acknowledge that he says the craziest stuff. It’s usually pretty true though.

Thursday August 11th Day 46

Play some more hockey games online.

Friday August 12th Day 47

Create a photoshop of your team. A macro, meme, anything amusing. Send them to me if you would like and I will post them. If I receive enough entries, I will make a poll and everyone can vote for their favorite. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com)

Saturday August 13th Day 48

Read Steve Yzerman’s Bio. Or if you are a red wings fan, read my version.

Sunday August 14th Day 49

Learn about the past and present of the Winnipeg Jets.

Monday August 15th Day 50

Start reading a hockey book. Any hockey book. Brett Hull’s My Story was one of my favorites along with Bob Probert’s Blood Feud as well. But, depending on where you live and what teams you like, I’m sure the selection varies. Libraries always have at least a couple hockey books.

Tuesday August 16th Day 51

Using hockey terms and players only, have some fun with mad libs.

1 2 3 If you want them posted, send me the finished link. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Wednesday August 17th Day 52

Review the Northeast Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Boston Buffalo Toronto Montreal Ottawa

Thursday August 18th Day 53

The 2012 NHL All star game will be played in Ottawa. Read about how they were selected and what Ottawa had to say about it.

Friday August 19th Day 54

Another Multiple Day Event. Watch the first Mighty Ducks. (After 72 minutes, you will have to wait 30 minutes before you watch anymore, so seperate each movie into two days. Then, just “fast forward” to the part it stopped at. Or rent them. Or if you have them, obviously just do it that way.)

Saturday August 20th Day 55

Watch Mighty Ducks. (Part 2)

Sunday August 21st Day 56

Watch D2: The Mighty Ducks. (Part 1)

Monday August 22nd Day 57

Watch D2: The Mighty Ducks. (Part 2)

Tuesday August 23rd Day 58

Watch D3: The Mighty Ducks. (Part 1)

Wednesday August 24th Day 59

Watch D3: The Mighty Ducks. (Part 2)

Thursday August 25th Day 60

Review the Pacific Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Anaheim San Jose Phoenix Dallas Los Angeles

Friday August 26th Day 61

Tickets will be going on sale soon for the 2011-2012 season. Check out your team’s schedule (if you haven’t done it yet) and plan what games you will be going to so when they do go on sale, you will be ready.

Saturday August 27th Day 62

Visit this gallery of NHL/Hockey goalie masks.

Sunday August 28th Day 63

Review the Atlantic Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Philadelphia NY Rangers NY Islanders New Jersey Pittsburgh

Monday August 29th Day 64

Watch the Best of the NHL Green Men.

Tuesday August 30th Day 65

Find a friend who isn’t a hockey fan and try to turn them onto the game.

Wednesday August 31st Day 66

Make sure you know the complete history of “The Miracle on Ice.” While the movie is pretty accurate, there are always things that go untold.

Thursday September 1st Day 67

Review the Northwest Division teams and find something out about a player from each team that you didn’t know. Edmonton Colorado Minnesota Calgary Vancouver

Friday September 2nd Day 68

Do some mad libs with only using hockey terms/players/etc..

1 2 3 And if you want to send me the good ones, feel free. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Saturday September 3rd Day 69

Read The Stanley Cup Marathon: A Fan’s Survival Guide to the Playoffs so when the time comes around next year, you will already be prepared.

Sunday September 4th Day 70

Make a hockey bucket list with at least ten things you want to do relating to hockey before you die. If you want to submit them to me, I will post them. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com)

Monday September 5th Day 71

Watch The Love Guru (Part 1) and watch for cameos. See day 54 for “rules.”

Tuesday September 6th Day 72

Watch The Love Guru. (Part 2)

Wednesday September 7th Day 73

Every team has at least one under appreciated player. That player is usually a grinder/fighter/etc that doesn’t always get the recognition that they deserve. So, send your favorite so-called “fourth liner” a quick fan mail letter. (Mail to your NHL arena and C/O to the player.)

Thursday September 8th Day 74

Have some fun customizing your team’s jerseys. You don’t have to buy them but screen shot and send them to me for submissions. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi) Examples:

Friday September 9th Day 75

Look up the history of the first overall picks in the NHL draft and see how many of you know, as well as where they are now.

Saturday September 10th Day 76

Read Wayne Gretzky’s Bio.

Sunday September 11th Day 77

Go to your local arcade or family fun center and play some air hockey.

Monday September 12th Day 78

Write a poem/haiku/etc about your favorite coach/player/team/etc. Submit them to me if you want them published. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com)

Tuesday September 13th Day 79

Start making your signs for opening night. Even if you aren’t going to the game, support your team with them at home/at the bar/where ever.

Wednesday September 14th Day 80

Make hockey stick and puck cookies for your team or just hockey puck cookies. Send me pictures and I will post them. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com Twitter: @TigerbloodTuzzi)

Thursday September 15th Day 81

Review and/or learn Rule 48.

Friday September 16th Day 82

Make a “Top Ten Signs You’re Obsessed With Hockey” Countdown. Submit them to me and I will publish them. (Email: redwingsandov8@yahoo.com)

Saturday September 17th

Congratulations, you made it! Training Camp begins today (at least for the red wings it does!) In less than a week, preseason begins! So go cheer your team on as they begin to get ready for their quest for the cup!

NHL Draft 2011

  1. Edmonton Oilers- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
  2. Colorado Avalanche- Gabriel Landeskog
  3. Florida Panthers- Jonathan Huberdeau
  4. New Jersey Devils- Adam Larsson
  5. New York Islanders- Ryan Strome
  6. Ottawa Senators- Mika Zibanejad
  7. Winnipeg Jets- Mark Scheifele
  8. Philadelphia Flyers- Sean Couturier
  9. Boston Bruins- Dougie Hamilton
  10. Minnesota Wild- Jonas Brodin
  11. Colorado Avalanche- Duncan Siemens
  12. Carolina Hurricanes- Ryan Murphy
  13. Calgary Flames- Sven Bartschi
  14. Dallas Stars- Jamie Oleksiak
  15. New York Rangers- J.T. Miller
  16. Buffalo Sabres- Joel Armia
  17. Montreal Canadiens- Nathan Beaulieu
  18. Chicago Blackhawks- Mark McNeill
  19. Edmonton Oilers- Oscar Klefbom
  20. Phoenix Coyotes- Conner Murphy
  21. Ottawa Senators- Stefan Noeson
  22. Toronto Maple Leafs- Tyler Biggs
  23. Pittsburgh Penguins- Joe Morrow
  24. Ottawa Senators- Matt Puempel
  25. Toronto Maple Leafs- Stuart Percy
  26. Chicago Blackhawks- Phillip Danault
  27. Tampa Bay Lightning- Vladislav Namestnikov
  28. Minnesota Wild- Zack Phillips
  29. Vancouver Canucks- Nicklas Jensen
  30. Anaheim Ducks- Rikard Rakell
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Detroit Red Wings 2011-2012 Schedule


  1. Weds Sept 21 @ Pittsburgh, 7 p.m.
  2. Thurs Sept 22 vs. Philadelphia  in London, Ont
  3. Fri Sept 23 vs. Philadelphia  7:30 p.m.
  4. Sun Sept 25 vs. Chicago 4 p.m.
  5. Weds Sept 28 @ Chicago 8:30 p.m.
  6. Fri Sept 30 vs. Toronto 7:30 p.m.
  7. Sat Oct 1 @Toronto 7 p.m.
  8. Sun Oct 2 vs. Pittsburgh 4 p.m.

Regular Season

  1. Fri Oct 7 vs Ottawa 7 p.m.
  2. Sat Oct 8 @ Colorado 9 p.m.
  3. Thurs Oct 13 vs Vancouver 7:30 p.m.
  4. Sat Oct 15 @ Minnesota 8 p.m.
  5. Fri Oct 21 vs Columbus 7:30 p.m.
  6. Sat Oct 22 @ Washington 7 p.m.
  7. Tues Oct 25 @ Columbus 7 p.m.
  8. Fri Oct 28 vs San Jose 7:30 p.m.
  9. Sat Oct 29 @ Minnesota 8 p.m.
  10. Tue Nov 1 vs Minnesota 7:30 p.m.
  11. Thurs Nov 3 vs Calgary 7:30 p.m.
  12. Sat Nov 5 vs Anaheim 7 p.m.
  13. Tues Nov 8 vs Colorado 7:30 p.m.
  14. Fri Nov 11 vs Edmonton 7:30 p.m.
  15. Sat Nov 12 vs Dallas 7 p.m.
  16. Tues Nov 15 @ St. Louis 8 p.m.
  17. Thurs Nov 17 @ San Jose 10:30 p.m.
  18. Sat Nov 19 @ Los Angeles 4 p.m.
  19. Sun Nov 20 @ Anaheim 8 p.m.
  20. Weds Nov 23 vs Calgary 7 p.m.
  21. Fri Nov 25 @ Boston 1 p.m.
  22. Sat Nov 26 vs Nashville 7 p.m.
  23. Weds Nov 30 vs Tampa Bay 7:30 p.m.
  24. Fri Dec 2 @ Buffalo 7:30 p.m.
  25. Sun Dec 4 @ Colorado 8 p.m.
  26. Tue Dec 6 @ St. Louis 8 p.m.
  27. Thurs Dec 8 vs Phoenix 7:30 p.m.
  28. Sat Dec 10 vs Winnipeg 7 p.m.
  29. Tues Dec 13 @ Pittsburgh 7 p.m.
  30. Thurs Dec 15 @ Nashville 8 p.m.
  31. Sat Dec 17 vs. Los Angeles 7 p.m.
  32. Mon Dec 19 @ Edmonton 9:30 p.m.
  33. Wed Dec 21 @ Vancouver 10 p.m.
  34. Thurs Dec 22 @ Calgary 9 p.m.
  35. Mon Dec 26 @ Nashville 8 p.m.
  36. Tues Dec 27 vs St. Louis 7:30 p.m.
  37. Fri Dec 30 @ Chicago 8:30 p.m.
  38. Sat Dec 31 vs St. Louis 7 p.m.
  39. Tues Jan 3 @ Dallas 8:30 p.m.
  40. Sat Jan 7 @ Toronto 7 p.m.
  41. Sun Jan 8 @ Chicago 7:30 p.m.
  42. Tues Jan 10 @ New York Islanders 7 p.m.
  43. Thurs Jan 12 vs Phoenix 7:30 p.m.
  44. Sat Jan 14 vs Chicago 12:30 p.m.
  45. Mon Jan 16 vs Buffalo 7:30 p.m.
  46. Tues Jan 17 @ Dallas 8:30 p.m.
  47. Thurs Jan 19 @ Phoenix 9 p.m.
  48. Sat Jan 21 vs Columbus 7 p.m.
  49. Mon Jan 23 vs St. Louis 7:30 p.m.
  50. Weds Jan 25 @ Montreal 7:30 p.m.
  51. Tues Jan 31 @ Calgary 9 p.m.
  52. Thurs Feb 2 @ Vancouver 10 p.m.
  53. Sat Feb 4 @ Edmonton 10 p.m.
  54. Mon Feb 6 @ Phoenix 8 p.m.
  55. Wed Feb 8 vs Edmonton 7:30 p.m.
  56. Fri Feb 10 vs Anaheim 7:30 p.m.
  57. Sun Feb 12 vs Philadelphia 4 p.m.
  58. Tues Feb 14 vs Dallas 7:30 p.m.
  59. Fri Feb 17 vs Nashville 7:30 p.m.
  60. Sun Feb 19 vs San Jose 12:30 p.m.
  61. Tues Feb 21 @ Chicago 8:30 p.m.
  62. Thurs Feb 23 vs Vancouver 7:30 p.m.
  63. Sat Feb 25 vs Colorado 7 p.m.
  64. Tues Feb 28 @ Columbus 7 p.m.
  65. Fri Mar 2 vs Minnesota 7:30 p.m.
  66. Sun Mar 4 vs Chicago 4 p.m.
  67. Tues Mar 6 @ Philadelphia 7 p.m.
  68. Fri Mar 9 vs Los Angeles 7:30 p.m.
  69. Sat Mar 10 @ Nashville 8 p.m.
  70. Tues Mar 13 @ Los Angeles 10:30 p.m.
  71. Weds Mar 14 @ Anaheim 10 p.m.
  72. Sat Mar 17 @ San Jose 10:30 p.m.
  73. Mon Mar 19 vs Washington 7:30 p.m.
  74. Wed Mar 21 @ New York Rangers 7:30 p.m.
  75. Sat Mar 24 vs Carolina 7 p.m.
  76. Mon Mar 26 vs Columbus 7:30 p.m.
  77. Weds Mar 28 @ Columbus 7:30 p.m.
  78. Fri Mar 30 vs Nashville 7:30 p.m.
  79. Sun Apr 1 vs Florida 4 p.m.
  80. Weds Apr 4 @ St. Louis 7:30 p.m.
  81. Thurs Apr 5 vs New Jersey 7:30 p.m.
  82. Sat Apr 7 vs Chicago 4 p.m.

What Actually Happened Back in Boston When Timmy and Chara Were in Vegas…

Three Days Later…

Wednesday 4 p.m. Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Back in Boston…

Two Days Later, Timmy and Z arrive home to find Brado and Seguin peacefully hanging out.

One week later, Timmy decides to go get the pictures developed from Las Vegas and takes the ones Brado and Seguin left laying around as well. (They don’t have a digital camera yet. Strictly disposable.)

Two Hours Later

Z comes and sits with Timmy and they look at all their pictures from Vegas. Then they decide to look at Brado’s and Seguin’s. They look at the first roll of the ones with Bergy and are pleasantly surprised that they behaved themselves. Then they get to the second roll.

So, they keep looking through the pictures…

After about an hour, Timmy finally gets Z to calm down. So they decide look at the last picture…

And Chara was so mad that he destroyed the entire world.


*If you couldn’t tell, these were photo shopped. They are not real. I mean, do you really think Tuukka would ever go to jail? And if you don’t know why Bruce Bordeau is in here, let me know and I’ll explain it.

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