Favorite Pictures and Words that come to mind when I think of every Red Wing…



MSU, Hair, Grinder, Muskegon, Little Engine That Could, Humble, Strong Harry Dunne


Love, Teammate, Watuzzi, Tuzzified, Nice to Children and Animals, Flipping the Bird, Chin Strap, Bubblegum, Tigerblood (In a Good Way), Bad Ass but Softie, Incredible Hulk, Gentle Giant, If Anyone Ever Compares Him to Matt “Le Douche” Cooke in Front of Me I Will Kick Their Ass.


Magician, Danglesyuk, Beyond Epic, Dangle, Selke, If You Ever Leave I Will Kill Someone, Filthy Mittens, Pigeon Toed, Best English EVER, Humor, Euro Twin, Perry’s Boss


Newfie, Grit, Newfie, Determination, Newfie


Swede, Epic, Unreal Beard, Euro Twin, Swede, European Sweaters, Future, Swede, Smoke Detectors


Grind Line, Loyal, Teammate, McCarty, Ozzie, Maltby, Speed, Douche Lemieux, Chuck Norris, Beard, Prankster, Bromances, RED, Family


Hair, Playing With a Dog on JLA’s ice, Whoever Made This Picture is My New Hero


Skilled, Speedy, Classy, Tiffany, Pure Finnish, Punxsutawney Fil, Ilari


Butt, Hahaha Goalies, I Eat Pucks, Swedelish, Bromance with Captain Norris, Drive, Determination, Ref You Suck


Speed, Liz’s Love for You, Great Future, Bulletproof, Future Captain, Attractive, Llyod Christmas


Grey, Ryan, Epic after Babcock sits you, Kids, MSU, Miller Time


Great Career, Pure American, Hully and Mo’s, Dedicated, Kind, Amazing, I Wanna Be Bad


Mule, Curly Fries, Warrior, Clutch, I Hope He Doesn’t Wear the Visor Next Season


Danam, Czech, I’m Being Nice, I’m Pretty Sure Everyone Knows I’m Not A Fan of His At All.


St. Nicklas (Erik Liström)

Don’t Ever Leave Me/Us, Captain Norris, Hat Trick, Oh My Captain My Captain, Beyond Epic, Class, First European to Win the Norris Trophy, First European to Win the Conn Smythe, First European Captain to Win the Stanley Cup, There Will Never Be Another You No Matter What, Loyal, You Make Me Sooooo Proud to Be Swedish, Leader, Champion, Best Replacement Possible for Stevie Y, Even the Word Perfection Does Not Do Him Justice


Hometown Guy, USA, Retirement, WTF Rafi,  Happy You Came Home and Are Retiring as a Wing.


I altered this after I previously made it. R.I.P. Salei. You will be missed.


I Hate Tom Kostopolous, Quiet, Fierce, Beyond Happy That He is a Wing.


Hits, Bad Ass, Dany Heatley (For the Hit on Him), Glasses, Teammate, Eaves, Honestly Though the Only Thing That Really Comes to Mind is Kronwalled


Future, The Beard Has Potential


Dislike, Big, Tall, Why Would He Turn Down a 2 Million Dollar Contract, Maybe The Leafs Will Take Him… They Paid Pretty Well For Lebda



Heart of Gold, Clutch, Pure Love, I Will Never Love a Goalie as Much as I Love Ozzie, Hall of Famer, 400 Club, Words Cannot Describe My Love For Him


Faith, Backbone, Feisty, Epic, Superstitious, Crosby (hahaha), Bright Future, Don’t Touch His Swedes/Teammates



Death Stare, Great Coach (That is all)

Some GIF’s and pictures were made/found by me and others were not. Thank you to all of the people who did make these and if you see one of yours on here and want credit, let me know and I will be happy to give you that! Thank you for all the input from other fans as well.

And as always, Let’s Go Red Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. I Love Pav’s Collar)

15 Reasons Why Chris Osgood and Tim Thomas Should Be Friends…

1. Both Have Hearts of Gold.

2. Both Have Michigan Roots. Ozzie has played most of his career in Detroit. Timmy is from Flint.

3. Both Are Goalies and Goalies Have an Unspoken Connection.

4. Both are smaller goalies in a large goalie NHL. Timmy is 5’11”. Ozzie is 5’10”.

5.Both Are Into Bromances.

6.Both of Them Have Been Hugely Underrated in Their Very Respectable Careers.

7.Both Have Been in a Fight.

8.Both of Them Hate The Pittsburgh Penguins (Fine. I don’t know if this is true but Ozzie should after Matt Cooke purposely kicked him with his skate and also after Crosby snubbed Nick Lidstrom in the 2009 handshake line. Timmy should just because of the conference rivalry, as well as Cooke’s hit on Savvy.)

9.Both of Them Have Been Photoshopped a Million Times.

10.Both of Them Have Incredible Smiles.

11. Both of Them Have Played in All Star Games.

12.Both of Them Have Food Named After Them.

13.Both Love Their Teams.

14.Both Like to Dress Casual.

15.Both Are Very Down To Earth People and Two of My All Time Favorite Goalies!

Let’s Make it Happen…

On June 15th, 2011 Tim Thomas won his first Stanley Cup. This is reason enough to modify this post and add a 16th reason that these two would be best buddies.

16. Both are Stanley Cup Champions






Quickly Put: Why I love the Bruins and Red Wings…

The main reason I love both of these teams is the tradition. I love the original 6. There is just something between two original 6 teams when they play. The players know it and the fans do too. It almost has the feel of a playoff game. Why these two teams though?

First, I was born in Michigan so being a wings fan is basically in my blood. The history of the Wings is what makes me love them even more.  Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Steve Yzerman, etc, etc, etc.

No one in my family is really a Bruins fan so that isn’t part of my reasoning. Simply put: I’ve always just liked Boston sports teams. They have such an amazing history, just like Detroit. This past year my love has grown even more for them. A lot of it is just the players. Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and the rest of them. And Timmy Thomas being from Michigan doesn’t hurt either!

The main similarity to me, besides the original 6, is the players. I truly think that the Red Wings and Bruins have the best off and on ice personalities. I hear more stories about these two teams being so great with charities, fans, etc, than any other teams. Same thing with on ice. I see more determination and drive come out of these teams than a lot in the NHL.